Saturday, 19 July 2014

Setting Crawling and Indexing of Blogger

Google use software “web crawlers to find web pages. A famous crawler of Google is known as “Googlebot.” The main function of Crawlers is to look at web pages and follow links. when you search any keyword in
Google search Crawlers go link to link and bring data about those web pages back to Google’s servers. This is very helpful for Blog SEO. I have done this settings on my own blogs. I will show you my setting step by step if all goes well then our blog is ready to face a good SEO.

Setting Crawling and Indexing

The first thing we will start is go to the blogger dashboard > Setting > Search preferences

Step 2.  Click on custom robots header tags "Edit" and Click on radio button "Yes".

Step 3. Click on All setting which you see on bellow picture and click on save changes.
So in this post you get setting How to enable Crawling and Indexing of Blogger. I believe this will be helpful to you. 

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